Usage Instructions

Using ProWash™ is the easy part to working out!
  • ProWash™ Activewear Detergent is safe for use on all fabrics.  When pre-treating always check for colorfastness.
  • ProWash™ Activewear Detergent works in all temperatures.
  • ProWash™ Activewear Detergent works in both regular and high efficiency washers and can also be used for hand washing. 
  • One Unit of ProWash™ detergent is conveniently measured by using the dispensing window located on the right hand side of this energy efficient package. Each line represents one Unit (equivalent to 1 FL OZ) of all temperature ProWash™. 
  • (Measuring Alternative: REUSE the cap of your ordinary detergent--just fill to the first line or 2 tbsp = 1 FL OZ).


Top Load Washers
Medium Loads:                 2 Units

High Efficiency Washers
Medium Loads:               1 unit
Front Load Washers
Medium Loads:                   1.5 Units
Hand Washing:               1.5 Units 
                                            Per 5 Gallons
                                            of Water