Why the Pouch?

As a company we are concerned with the earth, its resources and the health of its inhabitants.
Stand up Pouches have 9X less effect on the earth than plastic bottles:
  • 9X less warehouse space required
  • 9X less landfill space consumed
  • 9X less fuel consumption
  • 9X less consumption of wood for pallets and paper for corrugate
  • Pouches use only 40% of the plastic of the same size rigid bottle

     *** Source: Mid Continent Packaging, Inc. Analysis Reporting 7/1/08 ***

    Laundry Detergent - Ordinary Liquid Wash (Washing Twice to Remove Odor)
    Use the most efficient and effective detergent to eliminate tough, stubborn odors.  Ordinary detergents may cause you to wash twice!
    Note: Based on a 1.5 liter bottle (about 1.5 quarts), 20 loads per bottle and 9.9 pounds of laundry per load.
    Source: Tesco analysis reported in Wall Street Journal 10/6/08 pg. R3