Your Solution to Stubborn Odors!

ProWash™ is designed to target
perspiration and odor molecules
in the wicking of the garment
which ordinary detergents cover
with perfume.  This innovation
actually removes odor molecules
and detergent residues left by
ordinary detergents. 

About ProWash™ Activewear Detergent


ProWash™ Activewear Detergent thoroughly cleans without sacrificing the performance of the garment. The exclusive formula gives you the confidence to clean and remove sweat and odors from your activewear.  Independent laboratory tests show that ProWash™ kills odors better than your ordinary detergent on day wear and your activewear garments.


ProWash™ Activewear Detergent can be used as a complete substitute or as a booster to ordinary detergents. 


ProWash™ kills odors better than Tide®!